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We have 4 taps of tasty craft beer on at all times at our shop, and we can fill any kind of vessel you bring in! Most vessels will fit in our PEGAS counter-pressure bottle filler, which pours the beer fresh and carbonated without it ever touching the killer of all beers; oxygen. As such, left unopened, a bottle filled through the PEGAS will keep as long as any professionally bottled beer (our staff record is 4 years with no infection and fully carbonated!). If your vessel is a bit more lavish and can't fit in the PEGAS machine we can still fill it off the tap, but we recommend it be consumed quickly as it will inevitably touch oxygen during filling and will lose carbonation as well. If you don't have a vessel, we can provide one for you, for a small deposit.




Tap 1: BAROSSA VALLEY BREWING Choc Coffee Stout (Australia)

Oatmeal Stout | 7% ABV

Squealer (1L) - $17 | Growler (2L) - $30

Keg Fill - $12 / Litre


Tap 2: 8 WIRED Yes Sensei! (New Zealand)

American Pale Ale | 5% ABV

Squealer (1L) - $18 | Growler (2L) - $32

Keg Fill - $13.50 / Litre


Tap 3: RODENBACH Grand Cru (Belgium)

Flanders Red Ale | 6% ABV

Squealer (1L) - $28 | Growler (2L) - $50

Keg Fill - $22 / Litre


Tap 4: DAINTON Supertrooper (Australia)

Imperial NEIPA | 10% ABV

Squealer (1L) - $20 | Growler (2L) - $36

Keg Fill - $14 / Litre



 We also offer keg fills across the entire range of kegs currently in our coolroom. We can fill any keg fitted with the standard "Corny" type posts (ball lock) and also the "Coke" keg posts (pin lock). We offer a per litre price on these beers, and you only need to purchase the minimum of 5L to get that price. Just give the shop a call on (08) 9444-1850 to organise a time to come in and get your fill.



ROCKY RIDGE Bob's Your Aunty (Australia)

Blood Orange Berliner Weisse | 2.8% ABV

$9 / Litre


PRANCING PONY Riding Out The Storm (Australia)

Australian IPA | 8% ABV

$14 / Litre


CHEEKY MONKEY Nectarine Sour (Australia)

Berliner Weisse Sour Ale | 2.8% ABV

$8 / Litre


GUEUZERIE TILQUIN Gueuze - Draft Version (Belgium)

Lambic - Gueuze | 5.3% ABV

$24 / Litre


SIERRA NEVADA Zappa Wild Stache IPA (United States)

American IPA | 7.3% ABV

$13 / Litre


SIERRA NEVADA Estate Ale (United States)

Farmhouse Ale | 6.3% ABV

$12 / Litre


SIERRA NEVADA Ruthless Rye IPA (United States)

Rye IPA | 6.6% ABV

$13 / Litre


SIERRA NEVADA Hoptimum (United States)

American Triple IPA | 9.6% ABV

$18 / Litre


BREWDOG Dead Pony Club (Scotland)

Session Pale Ale | 3.8% ABV

$10.50 / Litre


BREWDOG Clockwork Tangerine (Scotland)

Session IPA | 4.5% ABV

$12.50 / Litre


DAINTON Juniper IPA (Australia)

Juniper Infused American IPA | 5.5% ABV

$12 / Litre


NOGNE O Gamle Rygene Brun (Norway)

*Kegged on 20/3/13*

Imperial Oud Bruin | 10% ABV

$8 / Litre


Under the Liquor Control Act 1988 it is an offence:
To sell or supply liquor to a person under the age of 18 years on licensed or regulated premises; or For a person under the age of 18 years to purchase, or attempt to purchase, liquor on licensed or regulated premises

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